Limelite Heritage Grout


About Limelite Grout

Limelite Heritage Grouts are range of lime based, cement free grouts used in repair and restoration of historic buildings. These specialist grouts are used to fill cracks and voids and to seal and stabilise historic structures.

Using Limelite Heritage Grouts helps to preserve and protect these structures by preventing water ingress and further damage due mould and frost.

Tried and trusted, they have been used by building conservationists and restoration experts on a number of high-profile restoration and preservation projects including St Paul’s Cathedral and St Pancras Station.

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Limelite Heritage Grouts are available as low strength flexible grouts, medium strength grouts and high strength structural grouts.

The low strength grouts allow for natural movement of historic structures and help to avoid cracking.

Our flowing grouts are suitable for low pressure injection grouting in listed and heritage buildings.

All of our heritage grouts are manufactured in the UK and certified under BES 6001 Responsible sourcing.

Grout products

St Pauls Heritage Grout

A low strength grout formulated specifically for the restoration St. Paul's Cathedral and has since been used on a number of high profile historic buildings.

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St Pancras Heritage Grout

A pre-blended, hydraulic lime based structural grout designed for injection into masonry substrates to stabilise the structure.

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Winchester Heritage Grout

A breathable and flexible hydraulic lime based grout designed for the replacement of degraded lime mortar within historic masonry.

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